Saturday, July 22, 2017


“We discuss current issues and challenging views
from a Biblical Worldview”

The Bible warns us of a great apostasy, a “falling away” from the faith that will occur during the last days due to the deception that is infiltrating the minds of many through false gospels, traditions, and opinions of men. These wicked and unholy philosophies which oppose God’s principles and his righteousness have caused the hardness of hearts in those who have gotten so far from the truth that they actually believe the lie to be the truth. We are facing a Culture Of Delusion as the stage continues to be set for the final act when the Anti-Christ comes on the scene.

John Haller commentator of Prophecy Update found on youtube, discusses the many issues that oppose God’s truth in all areas of life including education, politics, and culture. If anyone speaks up for what one believes is the truth and righteous according to Biblical principles, that one may be subject to the law of hate crime.

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LOVE FOR THE TRUTH RADIO is program devoted to encouraging you the listener, to be a contender of the faith in an ever-changing church culture. On Love For The Truth Radio, we discuss current issues and challenging views along with biblical truth that can affect our Christian Worldview and how we live out our faith. On the program, we interview Pastors, Ministry leaders and Founders, Conference Speakers, Radio hosts, Authors, Global Experts, Christian Journalists and more! The Host of the show is Cindy Hartline and the program engineer is Richard Hartline.

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