Monday, October 2, 2017


“We discuss current issues and challenging views
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“Globalization is already embedded in culture through much of our media, politics, and educational system” says: Carl Teichrib. On this show we discuss the Burning Man Festival, a hidden city in the Nevada dessert where tens of thousands of people gather annually, playing a huge part in depicting our globalized culture. The events held at this transformational festival are characterized by heightened degrees of transpersonalism, collective ecstasis, utopian narratives, and community allegiance toward “oneness” with a strong focus on radical rituals, pagan gods, and inner-self worship. Burning Man and other such type of festivals are setting up camp all over the world forcing change in our culture while sadly changing our Judea Christian values.

Carl Teichrib is an avid researcher and writer on the subject of globalization and it’s many sub-topics that forces change in our culture and societies… In the past Carl attended numerous global governance events as an observer as well as a participant, which allowed him to have a unique understanding of the Global mind-set.

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